Get to Know Omni Media Partners

After working together for over twelve years in the printing/direct marketing industry and comparing notes, we frequently had conversations about how we could do things a little differently and provide our clients with better value. When Omni Media Partners was eventually founded in 2013, we only had one rule- always do right by our customers. It sounded so simple that it almost felt silly to say out loud, but we based every single company decision on the benefit it would bring to potential clients.

And then a funny thing happened- a handful of initial clients screamed to the world about how awesome Omni Media Partners was. And then more clients showed up, and more yet again. In fact, most of our growth has been strictly referrals and word-of-mouth…what a compliment!

We think that says a lot about Omni Media Partners and how we conduct business- our biggest asset will always be our passion.

Meet the Talents

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Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark.

- Jay Danzie, Author and Motivational Speaker

Christopher J. O’Docharty


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My strategy is simple: follow the golden rule and treat others how you want to be treated. I find a lot of satisfaction in doing right by my clients- if they’re happy, then I’m happy. It’s easy for me to make that commitment since I am focused on results and maintaining a great balance.

Chris attended the University of Texas at Austin graduating in 1998 with a degree in Advertising and Business Foundations minor. He is a longtime advertising sales rep in the newspaper industry that came over to the commercial printing side in 2001 with the Houston Chronicle. And while Chris certainly excels in the sales arena, perhaps his biggest strengths are in his approach to the operations side of business development. He has a unique ability to remain extremely focused, calm and collected in all situations, even when under the gun.

Chris’s glass is always half full no matter the challenge, and he channels that positivity to create extremely well planned and balanced long-term strategies that are designed to provide clients with both current solutions and future opportunities. Chris is all about the marathon, (with an occasional sprint) and he serves our clients well with a tireless work ethic, endless passion, and outstanding customer service skills. Outside the office, Chris is a Texas Longhorn and Houston pro sports fanatic since he was born and raised in the local area. He also takes the time to enjoy great live music, great food, a cold margarita, a glass of wine or hanging with his kids, Dylan and John. Chris also serves as a volunteer for his kids’ school board, soccer and t-ball coach and has been known to take calls while on the field!

Christopher J. O’Docharty

Kim Flood


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My clients know that I would do anything for them. They are all wonderful people and I feel so grateful to be able to work alongside them and make a difference in their world. For me, business is personal- I don’t know any other way to approach it.

Graduating from Texas A&M in 1998 with a degree in English, Kim was initially hired as a copywriter at a Dallas advertising agency. Her fellow creatives quickly realized Kim had a gift for relating to clients so they suggested she move to Account Service, and there’s been no looking back since. Kim wears her heart on her sleeve and it’s that genuine interest in others and her dedication to doing good work that draws people to her.

Kim is a seasoned Account Manager, working in Advertising and Marketing for over 20 years, with an emphasis on commercial print and mail. Through the years, Kim has fine-tuned her project management skills, and enjoys the diversity she gets to experience in this role, working with clients from many different industries. She’s become a skilled hoop jumper over the years and often works well past the midnight hour to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. Kim will never miss a deadline, or a typo, and prides herself on being available day or night to her clients.

Kim enjoys taking care of her growing family and loves being part of a small business, graduating from The Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program in December of 2018. She has two children, Truman and Clementine, with her husband Peter, whom she married when they eloped in Key West back in 2009. Kim has been playing piano pretty much since she could walk , and is an avid seeker of the outdoors, Scrabble games and independent music. She also has an unrelenting passion for antiques and her 1940s bungalow in Garden Oaks.

Kim Flood

Steve Higgins


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I am a people person and it’s that along with my customer service that has always driven my business and built my career. I am a born caretaker and a perfectionist who only knows how to go the extra mile, it’s in my DNA. I was taught and have always lived by the old golden rule “if a job is worth doing, it is worth doing right”.

Steve’s roots started in the deep southern town of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He began his career in printing right after high school and what started out as a temporary job turned into a career spanning….well let’s just say it has been a long time! During his career, he has learned to embrace the ever changing world of technology and has combined it with his old-school on-the- job experience to achieve the best possible results for his clients who are family to him. Everyone knows that if you give the job to Steve, it will get done and it will get done right. He and his clients always have many laughs and fun along the way with each and every project they work on together. Who wants to work with a boring printer with no personality?

At home, Steve is an avid gardener and he works hard at keeping his garden and pool meticulous. His 1940’s era home is definitely his nest, and you will usually find him, his partner Harold and his dog Jackson (who also happens to be the Omni mascot) hanging out in their “back yard paradise” as people call it. He is a foodie, and loves to cook when time allows. Some of his favorites are Creole & Cajun (anything seafood) from his birthplace of Louisiana and Tex-Mex and Barbecue from his adopted home of Texas. Throw in a sprinkling of down home comfort food including beans, greens, cornbread and wash it down with a sweet tea like Grandma used to make and he is in heaven!

Steve Higgins

Kate Meade

Account Manager Extraordinaire

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We Rise By Lifting Others

Known for her unshakeable optimism, Kate Meade is an award-winning sales professional with over 15 years of client relations experience, and an extensive background in print, direct mail and digital marketing. Kate spent the last 8 years at the Houston Chronicle, where she served as Account Manager in Real Estate, Direct Marketing and Call Center roles. Prior to this, Kate gained significant experience in management and logistics, making her a perfect fit for Omni’s deadline-oriented, project-based team.

Kate has learned that true customer service consists of integrity and sincerity. She is honored to call her clients friends and takes pride in earning their trust. It is this unique set of skills and a deep curiosity for others that bring a fresh, innovative, and genuine approach to everything Kate does. She attributes her successes, both personally and professionally, to her commitment to making an impact and always staying positive.

For Kate, home is where her heart is. Married for almost a decade to her husband Timmy, together they enjoy all things outdoors and there’s nothing a cold drink & a good playlist on their patio can’t fix. Their biggest and most rewarding accomplishment is raising their littlest love, Sidwell who is almost two and all three would agree that beach days are the best days.

Kate Meade

Lindsey Wisely

Creative Genius

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Art is my passion. My design work drives me on both a personal and professional level and I am extremely grateful that I have been able to incorporate what I love into what I do. It is so gratifying to help clients inject personality and creativity into their brands, and be a part of their success. Sometimes you just have to write your own story!

Lindsey graduated from Sam Houston State University in August 2008 with a Bachelor’s degree in Print Journalism. Upon graduation, she landed a job in advertising at The Houston Chronicle. During that time, she worked closely on the Real Estate team with builders, brokers and developers on ad layouts and print projects, and grew to love the marketing life. Lindsey excelled at customer service and all of her clients loved her - so it wasn’t surprising when she left The Chronicle to go work for one of them. Lindsey joined a major Houston Real Estate brokerage in June 2011 where she worked in Corporate Marketing as a Designer. In this role, she was able to explore her creative side even further, and fine tune her design skills for the next 5 years until December 2016 when she decided to stay home with her son and focus on freelance opportunities. Best decision Lindsey ever made – for herself, and for Omni Media Partners!

Lindsey met her husband Matt in 2009 - he literally pushed her to get her attention, and the rest is history. They have been married since March 2011 and have two beautiful children - her stepdaughter Autumn is 11 and Jackson is almost 3. Her family is her everything, and when she’s not busy with them, or working on her many creative design projects, she loves going to concerts, cooking, and cartoons.

Steve Higgins

Lucy Gilmore

Manager of Everything

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Thoughts become things…so think the good ones!

From coordinating projects, and running the office, to handling all things Accounting, Lucy has become our resident Omni Operations Manager. She keeps the Omni team on track and our tracks running smoothly. Lucy joined us in January of 2017 and has quickly become an invaluable member of our team. Her positive attitude, open mind and attention to detail make the office a brighter and more organized place!

Lucy attended Sam Houston State University and spent many years in the antiques and collectibles business. In fact, Lucy can still be found hitting the streets for estate sales most weekends. Lucy worked in various positions at the headquarters of a major international airline and more recently in the office furniture industry. Her diverse background is extremely well suited to handle the growing and ever-changing needs of Omni’s clients. A long-time Garden Oaks resident, she loves her neighborhood, and considers her neighbors family. Lucy can actually ride her bike to the Omni office!

Dana Johnson